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Finding Best Homeopathy Doctor USA, New York

If you are searching for the best homeopathic doctor in USA, New York, you've approach to the right place. We have selected few of the most experienced and renowned homeopathic doctor in USA, New York.           

If you are searching for a good homeopath, make sure that he is professionally qualified with at least 5 years of institutional study and is an authorized government certified homeopathic doctor in US. This is important as many part-timers call themselves homeopathic doctors who have not studied for more than 6 months.

Most importantly, he should be a full-time practitioner.

If you are unable to consult an institutionally qualified homeopathy Doctor in USA, New York. You can consult our Aura homeopathic specialist online and have your own homeopathic remedies delivered to your home in New York or any major US city.

About Best Homeopathy Doctor

We are a chain of homeopathy clinic in India with some of the best homeopathic specialists based in Faridabad, India, the homeopathy HQ of the world. If you seek advice from our homeopathy specialist, we assure you get an institutionally qualified doctor who has completed a minimum of 5 1/2 years of medical training plus 3 years of M.D master’s in homeopathy. These doctors are highly qualified and classically trained according to standard classical protocol and methodology. They have good experience of treating and managing most chronic diseases. We have patients from 56 countries who regularly consult us and order customized homeopathy from us.

For more information visit here – https://www.aurahomeopathy.com

At Aura Homeopathy Clinics India, we have top-quality homeopathic doctors who are meticulously trained, skilled and most of them have Master’s degrees in Homeopathy from recognized institutions.


What to watch out for with a homeopath before a consultation?

Best Homeopathic Doctor in New York Homeopaths are typically trained for 5 ½ years, much like a conventional doctor or your family doctor.

There is no difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine except that homeopaths learn in depth about homeopathy and philosophy.

While homeopathy is very different from allopathic medicine, it has a philosophy behind it.

India has the largest pool of qualified homeopathic doctors in the world. But there are still many unqualified people practicing homeopathy at home and in medical centers. The homeopathic system is based on one of the most complex philosophies of health, disease and treatment. It takes more than 5 years of formal education and lifelong learning to absorb and apply to each patient. A year of reading books and reading websites does not make anyone a professional homeopathic doctor.

Top 5 Best Homeopathic Doctors in New York

Ronald Dushkin, MD

Rebecca Elmaleh, M.D

Roxanne Simone Lord, ND

Carina Lopez ND, Lac

William Lee MD

As mentioned earlier, the US currently has no 5.1/2 year institutional course to become certified as a homeopathic doctor in US. The best option for you would be to consult our specialist online through our state-of-the-art online consultation platform and order the medicine instead of searching for the best homeopathic doctors in USA, New York.

You can request an appointment with Aura Homeopathy Clinic India today. Our doctors are caring professionals committed to providing the best in comprehensive healthcare.

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