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Homeopathy and dermatology :Homeopathy treatments are effective not only in acute skin conditions, but also in recurrent Skin diseases that occur frequently. Homeopathic medication works very well in the treatment of Skin Disease.

Homeopathic treatment is best for Skin problems among the various holistic and natural treatment options available. Homeopathy medicines are completely safe and natural, hence it is considered to be the Best treatment option for children, infants, kids, toddlers and older kids. Due to its popularity, it is becoming the most preferred system of medicine for Skin Disease in India.

Homoeopathic Medicine is effective in treating various skin ailments. Whether it is Skin Allergies, Pityriasis Versicolor or Fungal Infection, Urticaria or Nettle rash or hives, Leucoderma or White patches or Vitiligo), Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema, Molluscum Contagiosum, Condylomata or Warts, Corns, Alopecia, Lichen planus, psoriasis, etc

Homoeopathic medicine can manage all of them. As per Dr. Abhishek Kasana (Homeopathy Doctor in India) Homeopathic medicine helps in increasing immunity, by increasing a child's natural defenses.

If we use a conventional approach for skin problems it happens that a number of skin disease treatments are not very effective, aggressive and, with lots of side effects . So more and more skin patients are comfortable or open to other options such as Homeopathy treatment for skin disease.

As per Indian Homeopathic Doctor For Skin, Dr.Abhishek Kasana- homeopathic treatment is of great help in multiple health ailments including skin disease. Some of these skin problems are difficult to treat because of their chronicity, poor response to usual medications or even the absence of effective alternative treatments.

In childhood , many frequent health problems manifest in the skin, and in most of them homeopathic medicines are a good option for their effectiveness and safety.

The atopic dermatitis, molluscum contagiosum (especially when lesions are multiple or recurrent) and diaper dermatitis are examples of dermatological problems that respond to homeopathic treatment.

Our Team of Best homeopathic doctors for Skin have experience in treating these types of skin problems. In fact, these skin diseases along with respiratory allergies, are the most frequent reasons for visiting an homeopathic expert. As per Dr. Abhishek (Homeopathy Doctor In India) on many occasions skin and respiratory problems emerge together and homeopathic treatment is helpful to solve both.

The problem is not in the skin, but in the person. The skin is a place of frequent expression of our physical and emotional problems.

The knowledge of homeopathy will make it easier for us to get on your skin, understand and treat. This way helping the patient will be easier, more effective and safe.

Various types of allergies,  psoriasis, eczema, herpes zoster, genital herpes,fungal infection- mycosis, dyshidrosis, alopecia areata  are some of the skin diseases that can be cured with homeopathic treatment.

We can prescribe homeopathic medicine in acne and rosacea in isolation or complementing conventional treatments and in many of the dermatological problems of  adulthood and adolescence.

“The expert Homeopath will study the patient as a person knowing their family's illnesses and their own, their character and temperament and their circumstances. As well as the periodicity with which they occur in the event that the problem is chronic. Knowing the person is essential to prescribe a treatment that helps to improve a chronic or recurrent dermatological problem.”

As per Dr. Abhishek Kasana (Homeopathy Doctor In India) hair, skin and nails are time and again a loyal reflection of the person's health. Similarly, itching, with or without injuries, is often an expression not only of skin problems but of psychic conflicts, of work, family or other stress. Our Team of Best Homeopathic Doctor for Skin recognizes it and proposes a treatment not only symptomatic, but curative. This classical homeopathic treatment goes to the root of the problem.

Well selected homeopathic medicine swiftly, without fail cures the skin problem.

“Homeopathy For Skin: As I always say and think, in each consultation understanding is the beginning to help. Understanding what the itch meant for the patient was the key to resolving it.”

Dr. Abhishek Kasana

Homeopathy For Skin: Classical Homeopathy doctor will take case, taking into account, the duration of ailment, its possible triggers, development and type of skin lesion (we can define them blisters, maculae, vesicles, papules, pustules, scales, keratosis, scabs, nodules, fissures, tumors, scars, ulcers, etc.) and may perform a Physical examination.

10 skin diseases where Homeopathy is of great help, In my clinical experience homeopathic treatment is best for treating skin problems.

Molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infectious disease which is caused by Molluscipoxvirus which belongs to the family of poxviruses. This family of viruses also produces diseases in animals, but molluscum contagiosum only occurs in people.

Homeopathic Treatment For Molluscum Contagiosum:

“Homeopathic medicines For Molluscum, are safe, avoid relapses, do not cause uneasiness or rejection in the child and it can be used at any age”


Homeopathic medicine gives the perfect cure for papillomas, Here I am going to share my documented case of papilloma treated with homeopathic medicine exclusively. This patient visited us at aura Homeopathy India, after taking allopathic treatment for three years. As per his dermatological treatment he was advised to burn and cut off lesions along with chemical application. Despite getting treated by the Best Dermatologist Doctor in the city, the papilloma did not stop growing.

This is the development in four months of Homeopathic treatment. I continue with the Homeopathic treatment because I expect total remission. Let everyone draw conclusions.


Well, herpes is one more of those skin diseases in which homeopathy medicine must be the first choice of Treatment due to its efficacy and safety. You can read more about Homeopathic treatment for Herpes in my post, Treatment of cold sores with homeopathic medicine.

Here I am going to share my documented case of Herpes treated with homeopathic medicine exclusively. This patient visited us at Aura Homeopathy India, after taking allopathic treatment for three years. As per his dermatology doctor treatment he was advised acyclovir. Despite getting treated by the Best Skin Doctor in Delhi, the herpes did not stop its relapse.

This is the development in five months of Homeopathic treatment for herpes. I continue with the Homeopathic treatment because I expect total remission. Let everyone draw conclusions.

As per Herpes patient “I have tried everything to treat my herpes and to prevent its recurrences But I have not found anything as effective as Aura Homeopathy Herpes Treatment” Homeopathic treatment for Herpes is effective both in herpes treatment and in prevention. Homeopathy is equally interesting in the treatment of shingles and here you have a post that talks about it.

Cheilitis and Fissure

Patient complained of a painful fissure that came out at the corner of the lip. It may be due to fungi or bacterial involvement due to diverse causes that weaken our defence system.

Predisposing Factors and triggers


Mental Stress,



Nutritional deficiencies,

Celiac disease.

The interesting thing about homeopathic medicines is that they can act in both treatment and prevention. Thus, we will have medications that will directly stimulate the closure of the lesions. Homeopathy can be invaluable in addressing anxiety, stress or asthenia.


Hives are reddish rashes that appear on the skin as a result of an allergic reaction, although sometimes it can also be caused by an infection or stress. They usually produce an intense itching accompanied many times by a puncture and stinging sensation.

Sometimes, due to the severity of some cases of hives that may even affect the respiratory tract, the use of conventional treatments with antihistamines and corticosteroids may be necessary but in most cases Best Selected Homeopathic medications will resolve Urticaria favourably without the side effects of conventional medicines.

In addition, Homeopathic treatment for Urticaria will provide us with a possible approach to modulate its tendency to produce urticaria in few people and try to avoid the repetition of Urticaria. It also manages the stress that is one of the factors that most destabilize our immune system.


Homeopathy can help us cure acne. In acne cases, hormonal disorder plays a fundamental role in formation or aggravation of acne symptoms. In this sense, in Homeopathy we have Best medications that can act by stimulating the self-regulation of these hormonal levels without having to use conventional hormonal medications with all the potential unwanted effects they can have.

Atopic dermatitis

A large number of patients visit us with Atopic Dermatitis, hence It is the most frequent consultations that we receive in relation to the children's skin problem. The conventional Atopic Dermatitis treatment is mainly based on Steroids (corticosteroids), steroids are very effective in suppressing the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, but doesn’t prevent its recurrence. Further, we all are aware of the latent side effects of steroids.

As per our Team of Best Homeopathic Doctor For skin disease, Homeopathy should be the treatment of first choice in the cases of atopic dermatitis, leaving corticosteroids and other conventional medications for those times when the severity of the crisis so indicates.

As per our clinical data, atopic dermatitis patients end up going to Homeopathy doctor for Atopic Dermatitis treatment, when they see that nothing works. It would not be more logical to visit a Good Homeopath for dermatitis treatment.


Psoriasis is considered an autoimmune disease, it is due to a bad defense system that generates inflammatory reactions where there is no reason for this to happen. In this way, patients with psoriasis seem to have a greater predisposition to suffer from other diseases of this type at the same time as their skin problem, the most frequent being joint involvement, which is known as psoriatic arthritis. As per Dr. Abhishek Kasana Homeopathy Doctor in India, a number of psoriasis patients visit us with an outbreak of plaque psoriasis. Our team of Best Homeopathy Doctors in Delhi, approach psoriasis patients from the perspective of Classical Homeopathy, we take into account the origin, the possible cause with which the patient can relate the origin of his medical condition.

As per our Team of Best Homeopathic Doctors, Psoriasis is one of those skin diseases with which we have very good experiences.

With Homeopathy treatment, I always have the peace of mind that my homeopathic medicines will not have generated any new damage. "Homeopathy First, do no harm,"














Alteration of hormonal cycles, stress, food ... another one of those problems of our skin that we do not understand very well why they occur and for which we do not have good conventional treatments either.

 It is another one of those skin pathologies with constant comings and goings . A season is calm and suddenly it is activated again and, sometimes, not even the patient (who is usually a woman) knows what this time has triggered the crisis.

















What They Look Like: A Cluster Of Rough Bumps, Or A Single Nub That’s Raised And Textured.

Where You Get Them: Anywhere, Including Your Genitals.

What Causes Them: Viruses Contracted From Skin-To-Skin Contact.

When To See A Doctor: As Soon As You Notice Something To Prevent Spreading The Virus. Genital Warts May Cause Cervical Cancer And Are Easily Passed From One Partner To Another. They Need To Be Biopsied To Determine If They’re HPV1 Or HPV2, A Higher-Risk Virus That May Lead To Cancer. Well, let's finish as we started, with lesions caused by viruses; Warts. We have many medications to treat warts and to try to prevent them from reproducing.

We need to find Best Homeopathic medicine for warts according to its particular characteristics of each patient and also according to the type and location of warts.

Aura Homeopathy Wart Treatment boosts your immune system so your body can fight off the warts naturally like it should. You take medicated homeopathic globules a few times a day and slowly the warts start to go away. It took a few 4-6 months for all of the warts to completely go away after starting the treatment. The best thing is that they do not return at all.

Finishing it here because it was my commitment to this post. There will be time in other entries to continue treating in depth many other skin problems in which Homeopathy can provide efficacy and safety in treatment.


About the Author

DR. Abhishek Kasana M.D

In my private practice I have had the wonderful experience of listening, understanding and treating many patients with homeopathic medicines and I have felt really useful.

My areas of priority interest have been Homeopathy and dermatology, and various skin ailments. Whether it is Skin Allergies, Pityriasis Versicolor or Fungal Infection, Urticaria or Nettle rash or hives, Leucoderma or White patches or Vitiligo), Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema, Molluscum Contagiosum, Condylomata or Warts, Corns, Alopecia, Lichen planus, psoriasis, etc., chronic diseases, and auto-immune disease.

Homeopathy has given me the opportunity to meet excellent professionals and people, help many patients and provide me with the most powerful tools for a doctor: humility, common sense, active listening and safe and effective drugs.

Call us: +91-9650364491

For Homeopathy Skin Disease Treatment



Aura Homeopathy has made its own reputation for skin disease treatment. For skin disease treatment, Aura homeopathy follows classical strategies; in which the patient answers some questions and based on that, best selected homeopathy medicines are provided.

Classical Homeopathy believes in treating the whole person, not just treating the skin disease. Aura Homeopathic Skin Treatment Online in Faridabad, India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Germany and Worldwide by Dr. Abhishek has his own popularity. Dr. Abhishek never administers any allopathy steroids ointment or cream to his skin patient as he believes in oral medicines which go deep into the body and heal the skin effectively. Skin ailments such as psoriasis, urticaria, lichen, herpes, warts, molluscum, fungal infection and eczema can be easily cured at Aura Homeopathy. These skin diseases are treated at a deeper level, reducing the chance of recurrence.

Homeopathic skin treatment @ Aura Homeopathy in India never suppresses the disease through lotions, which is usually done with other conventional treatments.

Homeopathy is considered a safe treatment because no one has ever complained of its side effects. So isn't there a better way to cure a skin infection with homeopathy? Avail homeopathic skin treatment in India at Aura Homeopathy India and take advantage of his expertise as he always emphasizes on more treatable treatments to make patients satisfied with her services.


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