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What is Homeopathy in 5 questions, By Expert Homeopathy Doctor in India

1. What is it?

The homeopathy is a therapeutic medical system created by the German Samuel Hahnemann at the end of the eighteenth century, which is based on the principle of similarity ( Similia similibus curantur ). This means that it seeks to recover the health of the patient through the administration, in extremely small (infinitesimal) doses, of substances that in a healthy individual generate symptoms similar to those presented by a patient.

In order to obtain the infinitesimal fractions required for the treatment, a small portion of compound of vegetable, mineral or animal origin, whose effects have been studied in advance, is taken and diluted in liquid, almost always alcohol, while vigorously shaking. ( dynamization ). Then part of the resulting mixture, known as mother tincture, is used and it is also dissolved and invigorated on several occasions.

The properties of the original substance are impregnated in the final solution, so that it acquires the same healing qualities, but without generating adverse reactions.

2. How is it administered?

The homeopathic solutions can be dissolved in water, although it is more common for them drugs are developed in different forms such as tablets, ointment, syrup and globules emblematic sublingual, i.e. small spheres of lactose sugar that dissolve under the tongue .

On the other hand, it should be noted that, unlike the pharmacological treatments of conventional medicine, which are prescribed according to established protocols, homeopathic therapy must be individualized in each case, since this system "treats sick people, not diseases".

The Homeopathy maintains that the human being has some invisible force that animates the body, called vital energy, and when it is "detune" or generates unbalanced conditions. Both stability and disorders in this energy depend on personal habits, age, nutritional status and physical constitution, as well as psychological and hereditary factors; for this reason each person will develop conditions in a unique way.

Thus, even if two individuals receive the same stimulus (for example, intense stress load), each one will manifest their imbalance in particular (one can catch a cold while the other has digestive disorders) and, therefore, need different treatments. Indeed, even if two people suffer from the same condition, for example a cold, they will hardly receive the same homeopathic medicine, since the choice of this will depend on the qualities of each one.

3. How does it work?

So far it has not been fully explained how dynamization permeates the qualities of a certain substance in a liquid, but over two centuries of homeopathic practice it has been proven that it is a reproducible phenomenon with visible results.

Thus, although many supporters of conventional Medicine tend to question the effectiveness of energized preparations, arguing that their curative effects are due more to suggestion than to real action, Homeopathy has countless cases of success when its prescription has been carried out by competent specialist, and has even proven its effectiveness in the care of animals and plants, which it is not possible to influence.

For now, what we know is that, once it is absorbed by the body, the homeopathic medicine generates manifestations similar to those of the condition being fought, sometimes increasing the symptoms (a phenomenon called drug aggravation), so that it is created " artificial disease ”that stimulates the immune system and self-healing.

According to Homeopathy, any disorder is actually the effort made by the body to re-stabilize the affected vital energy and, for this reason, discomfort should not be eliminated or suppressed, but rather stimulated in a controlled way so that the patient can achieve healing by itself.

Thus, this medical therapeutic system does not seek to destroy germs or limit reactions such as fever, cough or inflammation, but rather acts in a profound way, according to the nature of the organism, and has the ability to correct the propensity to suffer from this or that disease, something that conventional medicine does not achieve.

4. What are its scope and limitations?

There are times when Homeopathy can only intervene in an auxiliary way, either in controlling pain or improving recovery, such as mechanical problems or those requiring surgery, such as fractures or congenital body deformities.

In disorders generated by environmental factors, such as sudden changes in temperature that affect the respiratory tract, it also contributes to the restoration of the organism, although it must be considered that in such cases the body heals itself.

In contrast, Homeopathy is the preventive medicine par excellence, since it strengthens the immune system and regulates vital energy. It is also very effective in chronic or long-lasting conditions (such as diabetes or high blood sugar, high blood pressure and arthritis or inflammation of the joints), having a better prognosis in those patients who are diagnosed and treated promptly.

It should be noted that the drugs used in the therapeutic system created by Samuel Hahnemann also influence the emotional sphere, so that they are useful in the care of psychological problems and, thanks to their innocuous nature, can be indicated in the treatment of children, pregnant women or seniors.

5. Who can help me? How to Find the Best Homeopathy Doctor in India?

In India we have a Team of Best Homeopathy Doctors In The World. The Homeopathy is not learned through short courses or reading a book, At least in the case of India, a qualified homeopathic doctor must study 5 and half years in one of the institutions that offer the degree, such as National Institute of Homeopathy Kolkata, Nehru Homeopathy College, Delhi, India- both are among the Best Homeopathy College in India.

Another option is to pursue postgraduate studies, once you have a medical degree. The specialty can be studied in certified places, such as Post Graduate Homeopathy College of India.

If you are searching Best Homeopathy Doctor In India, the most convenient thing is for the patient to ask the homeopathic doctor if he has a degree and from which institution he graduated. It is also advisable that you enjoy the recommendation of other people.

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