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What is Homeopathy Homeopathy Doctor In India

Although Science has not yet fully explained how Homeopathy works , it is a fact that millions of people around the world have benefited from its healing action throughout two centuries of history. Learn more about her!

Entering the world of Homeopathy is exciting, hence the curiosity of many people when they find out that a family member, friend or acquaintance has been successfully treated with it. However, it must be recognized that skepticism persists in many, either because little is disseminated about this branch of Medicine or because they have formed a distorted idea.

The best way to deal with doubts is with information, especially when it comes from an authorized voice such as that of Dr. Abhishek Kasana M.D, one of the Expert, Top homeopathy doctor in India, attached to the National Association of the Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Industry, India. 

“Homeopathy has been in practice for approximately 200 years, and we can define it as a medical system, not only a therapeutic one, which has a set of ideas and foundations that are different from those of allopathy. It is vitalist because it postulates the existence of a force without which life could not be explained, and that distinguishes it from the conventional school, which sees the human being in a mechanistic or anatomistic way ”, that is, attending only to observable phenomena in matter .

Before Hahnemann

During his presentation, the expert pointed out the antecedents of this branch of Medicine to detail its foundations. “When one speaks of Homeopathy it is almost always linked to its discoverer, the German Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), but the truth is that the principle of similarity (it maintains that a disease can be cured by means of a medicine that generates similar symptoms) it was known and was enunciated by the Greek Hippocrates (460-377 BC), known as the father of Western Medicine ”.

According to Dr. Kasana, Hippocrates stated that “diseases of known cause (or rather, of proximate material origin, such as when someone gets sick from eating tacos on the street corner) must be cured by the opposite, while diseases of cause unknown (or of a cause distant to the body and matter, such as a stress disorder or family problems), must be cured by the similar ”.

Medicine that cures by similar, narrates Dr. Kasana, “was also practiced by the Arabs, as happened with the doctors Avicenna (980-1037) or Maimonides (1135-1204). They were great doctors and alchemists who practiced Greek medicine, but in addition to communing with it, they made many contributions to it ”.

In his writings, Hahnemann harshly criticized the doctors of his time, but he referred with great respect to the knowledge of the Arab specialists. "This is not often recognized in the History of Medicine books, but Hahnemann's theory derived from this Greco-Arabic line of thought, the leading speaker of which was the Swiss Theophrastus Paracelsus (1493-1541)."

Furthermore, the speaker abounds, the writings of Paracelsus and Hahnemann are very similar in terms of approaches to the human being and healing. The work of the German doctor was to give a new reading to this knowledge, restructure it and enrich it with his own contributions, giving it a new form to which he named Homeopathy.

The birth of a new Medicine

Dr. Kasana describes Homeopathy as “a wonderful and incredible phenomenon that we have not been able to fully understand. We can say that it is phenomenological, which means that we observe its healing effects, but we cannot explain how they happen. It takes many years of research to achieve this ”.

To clarify his idea, the expert indicates that in Hahnemann's time (late 18th century and early 19th century) very strong substances were used to treat diseases, for example arsenic, which in doses of 100 to 200 milligrams is fatal. Simply put, if the person survived these "remedies", they would be cured.

Hahnemann was very annoyed by the aggressiveness of such procedures, and looked for a way to administer medications without affecting patients. The key was found in Paracelsus, who maintained that every substance has the capacity to be a poison or a medicine, and that the difference is in the dose.

The German doctor had a great idea: dilute the poison to reduce its toxicity. “This phenomenon is very interesting, because what we do in Homeopathy is dilute 1 part of the substance in 99 equal parts of water, and we shake them. Then, from the resulting solution we take one part and another 99 of water, and repeat the operation, for example, 30 times. Chemistry says, through a formula known as the Abogadro number, that after 12 repetitions there is no active substance in the solution, but homeopathic doctors observe that the more we dilute, the more effect the medicine has and influences more planes. deep ”.

Hahnemann's next step was exhausting work, compiling a compilation of the effects of each substance. To do this, it had the participation of numerous volunteers who took note of their reactions.

This procedure “could be carried out in mice, rabbits or dogs, but the constitution and organic functioning of the animals is not like in human beings; we react differently and have different temperaments. Therefore, Hahnemann made homeopathic preparations of various toxic substances and, knowing that they were harmless, administered them to his collaborators. We call this pure experimentation ”.

The German doctor did not say the name of the substance he administered to avoid suggestions. “Imagine the work of serving 200 or 300 people with their respective notes. With that monstrous amount of information, Hahnemann created the first symptom log books, called materia medica. "

Very common symptoms appeared in the volunteers' notes, presented, say, in 80% of the cases, but others had a lower frequency, 60, 50 or 40%, and even some manifestations occurred only in 5 or 10 people. In the case of arsenic, “most people reported tiredness, exhaustion with little effort, anxiety, burning pains, fear of death, physical or mental agitation from 1 to 3 in the morning, violent vomiting, burning with urination. and involuntary urination ”.

Having made this compilation, the next step was the administration of homeopathic preparations as medicines. Thus, when a patient with asthma (inflammation of the respiratory tract that causes coughing and inability to breathe) arrived with Hahnemann caused by humidity, which worsened at dawn, who was very anxious and felt that he was going to die, he administered treated arsenic homeopathically, since this substance generates similar symptoms, and achieved the cure by law of similar.

“That is the reason why homeopaths are very questioning and very specific when inquiring about symptoms; what interests us is to individualize the treatment, and for this we must know all the details of the manifestations. We are very meticulous because we cannot give medicines for diseases, but for people ”, emphasizes Dr. Kasana.

Going further, he emphasizes that allopathic doctors give the same treatment to all people with the same disease; instead, homeopathic physicians analyze each case and based on this, medications are administered. “We do not prescribe the same to a person with asthma who is chubby, 35 years old and has a crisis when they lie down, get scared or drink water, as to a person with asthma who is thin, 20 years old and who is afraid of death. We do not prescribe asthma, but rather the person, who has a particular way of suffering from a disease, with their own personal and family history ”.

This, the speaker notes, also takes into account a principle that is as old as humanity itself, called the healing power of nature. “There is a saying that I love and that says that doctors do not cure; nature heals itself and the doctor only accompanies her and gives her what she asks for ”.

Dr. Abhishek Kasana concludes: “Let's look at another example. There are children with a fever who are very thirsty or hot, but others who are very cold. Although in both cases we speak of high temperature, in the first case the body asks to cool down, while in the second it wants to warm up; thus, it is not always good to cool the child, because we would be against what it requires. Homeopathic doctors are in favor of nature and we try to listen to what it tells us ”.

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