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Homeopathy Treatment For Women's Health

The nature of the woman presents a great complexity, anatomical and physiological, necessary for her to perform her great biological function, motherhood.

The hormones mark the great stages of her life:  pre-productive, reproductive (from the first menstruation) and  end of the reproductive stage  or  climacteric  (menopause and post menopause).


PMS  (set of physical and psychological symptoms that appear, with greater or lesser intensity, 7 to 14 days before menstruation)

Dysmenorrhea  (painful or difficult menstruation)

Pain and / or breast tenderness  and problems related to bleeding from the rules either due to excess ( menorrhagia ) or defect ( amenorrhea )

Problems related to  menopause , due mainly to the  cessation  in estrogen production:  hot flashes, dry skin and mucous membranes, cystitis, etc .



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Here I will include my various post where Homeopathy Treatment is in the leading role for the woman:










Recurrent candidiasis,

Breast Cyst

Let's go there.

Homeopathy Treatment For PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal and metabolic disorder that causes an increase in the concentration of male hormones (androgens) in affected women. This can cause alterations of the female cycle and infertility.The first description of the characteristic symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS dates from 1935. In this description, the affected women were  overweight , had a type of male hair (hirsutism), the  ovaries  were larger than normal ovaries and with many follicles (polycystic ovaries) and a  menstrual cycle  of more than 35 days (oligomenorrhea).Even today the cause of PCOS is unknown. Congenital and environmental factors are likely to influence.The goal of the treatment of  polycystic ovary syndrome  is to correct the alterations of the menstrual cycle  and  infertility  and reduce hirsutism that can be very annoying for women. The treatment also aims to reduce the risk of PCOS consequences such as  type 2 diabetes  or  cardiovascular disease .Eating a balanced and healthy diet, avoiding overweight, controlling the glycemic index and doing some physical exercise is recommended to improve the evolution of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Homeopathic Treatment For Fibroid

Uterine Fibroid is a benign tumor that develops in the muscle cells of the uterus . Estrogens regulate the growth of myomas, which is why they usually occur during the period of sexual maturity.

In general, fibroids are very frequent tumors. But it is from a certain size or an unfavorable position when they start to cause discomfort. Only in these cases is it necessary to perform a treatment. The symptoms of a fibroid are hemorrhages and pains and in infrequent cases they can even cause abortions or premature deliveries.

Formerly, the usual treatment for fibroids was surgical intervention. In the case of early stage and mature women shortly before menopause , homeopathic treatment for Fibroid can be used. Now, on the contrary, non-surgical treatment methods can be used.

Homeopathy Treatment for menopause

As an appetizer I leave this study done on depression during menopause and judge for yourself:

“ 183 women with depression associated with menopause were divided into three groups , and they were given either placebo or fluoxetine (a conventional antidepressant) or a homeopathic medicine (chosen according to the criteria mentioned). Of course, both patients who took fluoxetine and those who took homeopathy improved from their depression (and those who took placebo, which is an inert substance did not). What is surprising (except if homeopathy is known) is that those who took homeopathy , and only they, also improved from hot flashes and other symptoms linked to menopause(headache, irritability, palpitations, tiredness, muscle aches ...). I anticipate the doubt: yes, they improved all these symptoms by taking a single homeopathic medicine, not one for each symptom .”

Homeopathy For Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin problem that fundamentally affects women. Its causes, what it is and how it manifests, its diagnosis and the treatment options we have, the importance of food or its predisposing factors are some of the aspects that I treat. Homeopathy, with that vocation that has to address each health problem taking into account the injuries and symptoms of each patient from the globality of who it is, is an opportunity for treatment among all we have. Each doctor, according to his patient, will decide which strategy to implement in each case.

Alteration of hormonal cycles, stress, food ... another one of those problems of our skin that we do not understand very well why they occur and for which we do not have good conventional treatments either.

 It is another one of those skin pathologies with constant comings and goings. A season is calm and suddenly it is activated again and, sometimes, not even the patient (who is usually a woman) knows what this time has triggered the crisis. Homeopathic Treatment is Of Great Help for female suffering from Rosacea.                                                                               

How can Homeopathy help during pregnancy?

“ It is estimated that congenital malformations associated with drug use during pregnancy account for slightly less than 5% of the total and although the percentage does not seem high it is important because, in most cases, they would be preventable. "

Only for this reason homeopathic medicines should be considered as reference medicines when treating the various health problems that may occur during this delicate period.

Varicose veins,


Flu and catarrhal conditions,


lumbagos and musculoskeletal pain,

Nausea and vomiting,




Constipation and digestive problems,

Fear and anxiety,

Above are some of the problems where Homeopathy can provide relief without risk for pregnancy. In addition, homeopathic medicines can be useful both in childbirth, facilitating it, and in postpartum, helping the mother to recover.

Advantage of Homeopathy For breastfeeding

 “ Breast milk is the ideal food for the infant , that is something we all agree on. Unless there is some contraindication or simply that the mother does not want it, breastfeeding is the best way to raise a baby . ”

With breastfeeding all are advantages, for the mother and for the child:

It is the most digestible and assimilable food for the infant.

Reduces the risk of infections and allergies.

Prevents diseases in adults.

Promotes neurological and intellectual development.

Reduces the risk of sudden infant death.

Promotes correct jaw development.

It favors the postpartum.

Reduces the risk of breast cancer.

It favors the mother-child bond.

It does not need any type of preparation nor has any cost.

Nothing can be more favorable than breastfeeding in the upbringing of children and everything that contributes to promoting it, as is the case with Homeopaths, will be something to take into account.

Keep in mind that “ […] in fact, more and more women are turning to homeopathy during these stages of their lives. Even up to 18% of Indian users who use homeopathy between 30 and 40 years old, and more than 10% females in Delhi use it for preparation for childbirth and postpartum recovery where it has been proven very effective. "

Homeopathy for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and Homeopathy: We need to understand the pain, because fibromyalgia is one of those diseases that we describe well but we know poorly. Much suffering from these women for few answers.

In these posts we want to contribute our little grain of sand in the understanding and treatment of this so desperate ailment in which we are convinced that the multidisciplinary approach is fundamental and that homeopathy can be a treatment option that adds up.

Understand, listen to each patient how he lives his illness, his suffering, attend to his pain, his fatigue, his emotional state, always from who he is. That is the way to look at Homeopathy and its medications can be very useful in these women who suffer so much.

As always with the spirit of adding treatment opportunities adapted to the particular characteristics of each patient.

Homeopathy For osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, I think, is one of those situations about which we are gradually changing the way we understand it, value it and treat it. The hitherto so valued densitometria seem to have less and less prognostic value, and the same applies to the relationship between osteoporosis and fracture risk, which is increasingly questioned.

However, what is certain is that, as Indian doctor Dr. Abhishek Kasana M.D comments in his post, to improve the quality of our bones we can get to work with some recommendations available to everyone.

“To do this, we can act in 5 ways:

Increase bone calcium

Improve bone structure

Prevent deterioration

Avoid falls

Accelerate the repair.


In each of these steps we can use a range of solutions, and the most important in my opinion are:

The nutrition

The exercise

Homeopathy Medicine for Osteoporosis

Homeopathy for recurrent candidiasis

“ At 25, 50% of women will have had an episode of VVC and 75% of premenopausal women will have had this problem at least once. It is estimated that 45% of women will have 2 episodes or more and that 5% of women with VVC will suffer from it on a recurring basis. There have even been cases of more than 20 years of chronic candidiasis1. "

As per Dr. Abhishek Kasana M.D, homeopathy is of great help in the treatment and prevention of candidiasis vulvovaginitis. In his experience, homeopathic medicines have been of great help in countless cases of candidiasis and nothing better to expose this experience than to tell a recent case of his consultation.

“ As an example of Homeopathy treatment of this health problem, I present the case of a patient treated at the Health Center.

A 21-year-old patient who consults for presenting recurrent vaginal candidiasis with monthly episodes for 4 years despite having been using oral anti-fungal type imidazole for the past 6 months without clinical improvement.

It refers to scarce whitish leucorrhoea, pruritus and vaginal itching and dyspareunia.

In vaginal exudate: candida albicans and streptococcus agalactiae. Cytology is performed with normal results.

Treatment: Sepia 30 CH 5 granules a day and Candidaalbicans 30 CH 5 granules once a week.

A month later she is very happy because it is the first cycle in years without symptoms. Vaginal exudate is negative.

Three months later she is amazed at the results because she is asymptomatic. I propose to reduce the dose of medications with progressive suspension.

Ten months later, she remains asymptomatic and has not been treated for 3 months.

It is a frequent health problem that generates a lot of symptoms and suffering, both physical and emotional, and that conditions the life of a couple of these women to a great extent. In addition, their usual treatment is prolonged, with drugs with possible adverse effects, and which are effective at most in 60-70% 1 of the cases. After 6-12 months of treatment, the use of safe and effective medicines capable of restoring a balance in women's health in a personalized way such as homeopathy is a very important option. The clinical experience confirms this.

“Homeopathy is an excellent option in women with recurrent vaginal candidiasis. "

Homeopathy For recurrent urinary infections

Homeopathic medicines and recurrent urinary infections.


These are the questions that are raised in this post about another very common problem in women, in fact, 43% of them between 14 and 61 have had at least one UTI in their lives.

And as always in Homeopathy in this case, Dr. Kasana also tells us that homeopathic medicines will be used more frequently in the context of the symptomatology and course of the disease as well as those medications that will be related to the patient's globality.

Breast cyst

A breast cyst presents as a sac-shaped lump surrounded by a capsule and that contains liquid that can be little or very viscous. Initially, the term cyst does not indicate whether it is a malignant or benign disorder . In the chest cysts ( mammary cysts ) isolated (solitary cysts) or multiple cysts may appear as in the case of diseases such as mastopathy (benign alteration of the tissue of the mammary glands).

The breast cysts usually do not cause any discomfort. Therefore, cysts are usually discovered in the tactile examination performed by the gynecologist or breast self-examination . Sometimes the nipple (mamila) expels a discharge, which can be a symptom of a breast cyst and should be consulted with your doctor. If a breast cyst is suspected , the doctor performs a chest ultrasound to make the diagnosis . Sometimes other types of studies are needed, such as a mammogram .

A treatment for breast cysts is almost never necessary . The doctor can empty the cysts with a puncture or a small cut. If they continue to reproduce, the doctor removes them completely; In these cases it can be a malignant tumor ( breast cancer ).

Homeopathy for women

25% of women who use regular homeopathy use it for their gynecological problems, and in particular in the preparation for childbirth and postpartum support.

Dr. Kasana explained in a simple and close way our experience in relation to the gynecological problems that we can more frequently attend in our consultations.

I hope you liked this post selection and we would love to receive any suggestions for future topics that you find interesting. We promise to take them into consideration and attend them taking into account our possibilities, knowledge and experience.


The homeopathy -method therapeutic comprising administering to the sick very low doses of substances administered at higher doses to a healthy person, would cause symptoms manifesting the sick. Homeopathy can also be a  useful therapeutic to alleviate or cure these disorders of health in an innocuous and effective way .

Sabina, Caulophyllum Colocynthis, Lilium tigrinum, Staphysagria, Lachesis mutus, Sepia, Thuya, Pulsatilla, Belladonna, Folliculinum, Silicea or Calcarea carbonica  are examples of homeopathic strains from which, after convenient dilutions, homeopathic medicines are prepared that may be useful in women's specific health disorders.

However, it should not be forgotten that  these medications should be prescribed individually according to the manifestation of the particular symptoms of each case.


Aura Homeopathy is popular in India for its homeopathic PCOS treatment. Its treatment is safe and has no adverse effects on the patient. Homeopathic treatment for PCOS varies from patient to patient. Medicines prescribed to a patient may not work for others for the same problem. With his decades of experience in Homeopathy, Dr. Abhishek studies the mental and physical condition of the patients before administering any medicine. Treating PCOS requires time and patience as results cannot be expected quickly. But yes, it is true that PCOS treatment in homeopathy is possible. Homeopathic treatment of PCOS involves careful monitoring of symptoms and regular clinical check-ups.

Dr. Abhishek has treated many women suffering from PCOS and guided her through natural therapy which led to regular menstrual cycle thereby increasing the chances of conceiving. Many women who have undergone homeopathic treatment for PCOS in India by Dr. Abhishek are now happy as their infertility problems are solved. Homeopathic treatment of PCOS Dr.Abhishek in India enables the study of the complete person as a whole instead of just focusing on the disease. This helps him to provide curative treatment for the problem.

PCOS homeopathic medicine

Women with PCOS may experience some complications that include uterine bleeding. If left untreated, PCOS can cause cancer. So if you have a PCOS problem then cure it with homeopathic PCOS treatment at Aura Homeopathy India.

The complete approach of homeopathy is harmless. So it's time to say goodbye to the side effects of conventional medicines as homeopathy takes care of hormonal imbalance and cures PCOS naturally.


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Good Homeopathy Treatment for Thyroid by Dr.Abhishek. Keep it up


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